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Zoe Zanidakis in a wet suit
Zoe In Ozzy Land, Oy, Oy, Oy!!

"Time For a Rest, Zoe takes over Squatters Rest" cover story
Zoe at Squatter's Rest

A Real Survivor Cover story from the Daily examiner

All Roads lead to Tucabia~ Squatters Rest

What is Squatter's Rest? Check out the brochure (2 mb file)

"What's Next Zoe?"–Cover Story, July/Aug 2002 Issue, Portland Magazine

"One on One with Survivor Zoe"–Story, July 2002 Issue, Ego Trip Magazine

Northeast Neighbor: Zoe Zanidakis–Story, April 2002 Issue, Offshore Magazine

An Interview with Zoe, by Carol Amore, CEO Wildlife Worlds

Leadership and Lobstering: Becoming a Highliner

Article on, a Maine-based Community Internet Station

Article from Capital Weekly, an Augusta, Maine Newspaper

Article from Christian Science Monitor

Sidebar Article from Christian Science Monitor


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