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Leadership and LobsteringEquinox hits the high seas

Severe winter storms, rain, wind and ice at seas make it difficult to lead a fishing crew into such adverse conditions. Yet, lobster boat captains who fish in the winter are a breed apart for their endurance. Zoe Zanidakis, a Monhegan Island (twelve miles off-shore), Maine lobster boat captain, is one of those "Highliner" captains who lives to learn lessons from a most dangerous profession on the high sea. As Zoe navigates her 40' lobster boat, Equinox through rugged winter seas, she represents America's independent woman who knows hot to meet tough situations with stamina and courage. Zoe, whose name in Greek means life, carries on the seafaring heritage of nine generations of her ancestors.

Life at seas is a balance of leadership and lobstering. One moment it's time to haul the lobster traps, and the next moment it's motivating the crew. Tough times are when the price of lobsters drops below what it costs for fuel, bait and trap losses. Zoe uses her intuitive radar, strategy and perseverance to help her maneuver through rough waters to find the best lobster "hot spots." "Get it done!" is her core philosophy. During lobster season, captain and crew reflect on their shared delights and disappointments just like any business team. The leader engenders trust, loyalty and bravery at sea which bond everyone together for life.

Some of Zoe's leadership radical truths about life include:
Find a passion and live it; Keep your focus and motivate yourself; Find a strategy to achieve and be flexible to change; Learn from experience and be adaptable when changing course and Attitude makes a difference–laugh together and love what you do. These radical truths are interwoven in her personal philosophy which was recently tested in her mission to win CBS's celebrated "Survivor" television series. The show began airing in February, 2002 and is shot on a small, South Pacific isle in the French Marquesas. "A Year in the Life of Zoe" is her new 2003 photo calendar of days and tides which captures twelve radical truths about life she used to compete in Survivor.
Zoe on the VHF
"Highliners—Danger at Sea" is an upcoming one hour high definition television documentary by executive producer/director Carol Amore, CEO of Wildlife Worlds. The film is focused on the dynamic spirit of the fishing community who make lobstering a living even though a difficult and often dangerous profession. A "highliner" is one who consistently brings in a bountiful catch, demonstrates sound judgment, flexibility, finely honed intuition and unfailing dedication to their crew and to their profession. "Highliner" is a title of respect bestowed by their piers in the fishing profession. Zoe is one of the Monhegan native central characters in the film; both for her style of leadership and how she lives by her radical truths.

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