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Carol AmoreCarol Amore shooting on Monhegan

Carol is an experienced wildlife photographer, high definition digital videographer and film producer whose sense of adventure leads her into remote parts of the world. She believes adventure teaches you to live life to its fullest.

Her company, Wildlife Worlds - Adventures in Nature Productions, is dedicated to creating compelling wildlife stories from America's wilderness, the Arctic circle and the African Plains. In Montana's Glacier National Park, she tracks wild grizzlies, learning more about how they live. At the North Pole, she travels by tundra buggy in 70 degree below freezing temperatures to film polar bears, and in East Africa, Carol follows the wildebeest-zebra migration across Kenya-Tanzania Mara river borders which brings Big Cat predators-lions, leopards and cheetah.

Carol's passion is the Asian Tiger - the most endangered animal in the world with only 6,000 tigers remaining in the wild. Rare white tigers have also held a special fascination for her—there are about 200 white tigers remaining in the world today, all in captivity.

Filming wild tigers in India's Bandhavgarh's National Park has built endurance, flexibility and a readiness for the unexpected. Learning to ride elephants, handling extreme heat conditions, balancing cameras and tripods on top of an elephant is, for Carol, everyday life in the Indian Jungle. A "Never Give Up" attitude is the best survival skill.

Most importantly, Carol believes "the soul never thinks without a picture" and its finding those great images that enrich the lives of others, the filmmaker and help preserve wildlife.


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